Accidents that occur on public premises, for example on streets, in public buildings or parks, or on public transportation, can happen for any number of reasons. Most often poor design, lack of proper maintenance, substandard construction, clutter, and slippery surfaces are just some of the circumstances that can lead to an unfortunate personal injury accident.

Although they have an obligation to keep their buildings, grounds, and facilities safe and in good working order, property owners and landlords, including local, state and federal governments and their insurance companies aggressively resist personal injury claims for accidents that occur on public premises.

But you should not have to suffer both injury and financial hardship if negligence has caused an accident that could have been prevented. Redding personal injury lawyers Barr and Mudford, who have successfully handled many cases involving accidents on public premises, can help.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

State and federal governments enjoy certain immunities when it comes to liability for accidents that happen on their properties, and the claims process in public premises legal action is more complex than in many other personal injury situations. Specific written notice requirements as well as other claims procedures must be followed in order to bring legal action. And that’s where we come in.

Our law firm has very successfully represented a number of individuals who have been hurt on public property as a result of negligence on the part a city, county or state governmental agency. We have the specific experience required in these types of cases to navigate the complexities of the process and make sure your best interests are served while you recover from your injuries.

VERY IMPORTANT: The statue of limitations for governmental personal injury claims is shorter than many others. If you’ve been injured in an accident on public property, don’t let the California statute of limitations expire before you find out if you’re entitled to compensation.

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