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Representing victims of serious injury throughout the West since 1967, the legal firm of Barr and Mudford is headquartered in Redding, California, and serves clients throughout the entire Northern California region, including Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Do I need a Property Liability Attorney?

Property owners — whether commercial, public, or private — are required to make sure that their premises are safe and that reasonable care has been taken to maintain hazard-free conditions for customers or visitors. When someone slips and falls in a mall, a grocery store, on a public sidewalk, or in a private home, the question is who’s responsible?

Unless the visitor has engaged in unusually risky behavior, the responsibility lies with the property owner who must keep his or her premises safe and clutter-free. Owners are required to perform repairs in a timely manner and post warnings if there are any dangerous hazards visitors should be aware of.

Common conditions that pose high risks for slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, or other serious injuries include:

  • Water pooled on a floor
  • Torn or frayed carpeting
  • Rickety stairway banisters
  • Building code violations
  • Potholes or debris in parking lots
  • Crumbling curbs
  • Failure to remove snow or ice
  • Sidewalks upraised by tree roots.
  • Property owners who are negligent or careless in maintaining a safe environment or who fail to provide adequate warnings of potential dangers are liable for injuries suffered by visitors who have taken reasonable care while on the property.

If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident as a result of negligence on the part of a property owner, you may be entitled to compensation, and are strongly encouraged to consult with a personal injury attorney with experience in property liability (also known as premises liability) cases.

It’s Important to Act Quickly

Because it can be difficult to prove negligence in a property liability case, it is critically important to talk with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs in order to preserve evidence and meet California’s strict statute of limitations requirements. The circumstances surrounding a property liability claim are generally not as straightforward as one may think. Obtaining evidence, acquiring documents or video tape footage, and gathering witness testimony, may all be necessary in order to make a successful claim.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury as a result of negligence on the part of a property owner, you are encouraged to seek compensation for your medical care needs and other damages that are associated with the accident. Redding personal injury attorneys Barr and Mudford have the experience and record of success in property liability claims to provide counsel about your case, handle the complexities of the process, and, if necessary, take your case to court and fight for you.

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Enrique Zepeda
Enrique Zepeda
19:28 07 Nov 22
I have gone to Barr and Mudford for a variety of small legal issues. If the issue is something Barr and Mudford handles, they take it on with fervor. If it’s an issue Barr and Mudford does not handle, they still provide great recommendations for other attorneys that do handle the issue. Brandon Storment is incredibly smart and has been a pleasure to work with. Catie Barr is a leader and does not back down when an injustice occurs. Estée Lewis is a genius and a leader in whatever task she takes on. Erin Barr is a champion for every client she assists and it is very apparent to me that she absolutely loves her job.
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Choose a California law firm with a well-documented history of success and an earned reputation for caring about victims of serious personal injury.